Practice Yoga and Ayurveda in conjunction
The confluence of yoga and Ayurveda is magical. Ayurveda is the sister science to Yoga, perhaps even its mother. In reality, one almost cannot be practiced without the other. A sattvic diet - a diet that is fresh, comprising predominantly of seasonal fruits and vegetables - is recommended for asanas to have a beneficial effect. In fact, in advanced asana, practicing a non-sattvic-diet can even have a harmful effect.

The intelligence of the body is well-guided these days by the ever-present information that technology provides at our fingertips. What technology will not provide for sure, is, the intuitive wisdom that helps us lean into these choices. Ayurveda helps decode the archetypes of our bodies, thereby helping us understand the imbalances of it, and even provides the ability to predict what problems we might be able to avoid or are helping bring on.

The intersection of Yoga and Ayurveda is significant in understanding one’s body type and how to plan an asana sequence that is nourishing rather than depleting for the body. Once this awareness dawns, the intelligence of the body starts honing in on an ideal practice. The result? More energy to enjoy the things that are meaningful to you.

We are also profoundly affected by the food we eat. After all - You are what you eat. Our groundedness, productivity, mental health and wellness is guided by the basic principles of the ancient science of life called Ayurveda.

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This is an excerpt from an article originally published in artofliving.com